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iPod Classic (6th/7th Generation) A1238ipod classics

The Classic 6th generation was originally released by Apple on September 5th, 2007 to┬áreplace the 5th generation “iPod Video”. Available in both Black and Silver, with 80GB and 160GB models it was the largest iPod ever sold by the company. Apple later revised the design slightly, changing the Black colour to Grey, replacing the 80GB model with 120GB and making the 160GB model slimmer, this is what is unofficially referred to as the “7th generation”.

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iPod Video (5th/5.5 Generation) A1136ipod videos

The iPod Video was the 5th generation in the “Classic” line released October 12th, 2005. It was the first iPod to support Video playback, hence the name. Initially available in both 30GB and 60GB models, the 60GB version was replaced with an 80GB model when the 5.5th revision was announced.

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