80GB Hard Drive



Most 80GB iPod Classics used Toshiba’s  MK8022GAA, however some came installed with Samsung’s HS081HA. Both drives have the same specifications, they’re 1.8″ single platter (5mm) ZIF models. It does not matter which version came installed in your iPod either will be a compatible replacement.

Why not upgrade?

We offer a range of solid-state flash drive upgrade options as a drop-in replacement for this hard drive. Replacing the HDD with an SSD is a great way to extend the life of your device, making it more robust and power efficient. Click here to see the available options.


All of our hard drives are extensively tested prior to sale. Each drive is formatted, then both read and write tests are conducted on every sector. There will be no bad or pending sectors on our new or refurbished hard drives.

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