Headphone Jack & Hold Switch


This cable is responsible for both the hold switch functionality and sound output from the headphone jack. The cable is very delicate and can easily be damaged when opening the iPod, it can also become faulty after several years of wear and tear.

If the hold switch on your iPod is not working, or if there is a problem involving sound (music from only one side, breaking up when moving headphone jack etc.) this is the part you need to replace to repair your device.

This part is available in multiple variations, so it is important to understand which version you need so you don’t order the incorrect part.

White version (White jack, Silver hold switch) was originally used on all models of the iPod Video and also on iPod Classics with Silver fronts. Black version (Black jack and hold switch) was used on the iPod Classic with a Black/Grey front. The colour does not matter and they can be used interchangeably.

Thin version jacks are only compatible with the iPod Video 30GB and iPod Classic 80GB, 120GB and 160GB (7th generation). Thick version jacks must be used on the iPod Video 60GB, 80GB and iPod Classic 160GB (6th generation).

If your headphone jack/hold switch is broken or damaged our repair service will fix your iPod with the installation of a replacement part, contact us for more information.

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