Jack/Hold Switch Replacement Service


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The headphone jack and hold switch located on the top of the iPod Classic serve two different, yet important functions, but share the same cabling inside, if one fails, both will be replaced.

If the music is only coming out of one side or you need to hold/adjust your 3.5mm jack to get it working then it’s likely the jack is failing. If your hold switch is intermittent, keeps flashing or just doesn’t work, then the switch needs replacing.

Our trained technicians can fit a brand new replacement jack/hold switch assembly in all of the A1238 Classic models including the 80GB, 120GB & 160GB thick or thin(6th or 7th generation).

If you’re happy to repair your own device, the part you need is here.

The price is the total cost including the part, installation, return postage and warranty. All you need to do is send your device to us and we’ll get it installed, tested and returned to you.

If you have any other questions or repair requirements, just get in touch.