iPod Classic Data Recovery

Here at iPod Parts UK we offer a full service to backup and recover content stored on your device. If your iPod isn’t working and you can’t access the files, or even if your iPod is working fine but you want to have a backup copy just in case, it’s no problem, we can do it for you.

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We have lots of customers whose iPods go faulty then they realise they don’t have a backup copy of their music. The hard drive which stores the music files on the device is the most likely component in the Classic to go faulty. Don’t leave it to chance, backup your iPod now! If you’re not sure how to backup the music on your iPod Classic just send it to us, our iPod Classic backup/recovery service will make sure you have a spare copy of all your files.

It’s your data, how you want it stored is up to you, we can copy the iPod files to a USB stick, memory card or hard drive, we can provide these for you or you can supply your own!

Our prices for the iPod data recovery service do depend on how much content needs to be saved and if the iPod is currently working or not. Contact us with some information for a tailored cost. There is no charge if we cannot recover files for you and we even offer a free diagnosis to see if a recovery will be viable.

Ready to send us your device? Pack your iPod up safely with your contact information and send to the following;

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