iPod Classic Not Charging?

If your iPod Classic isn’t charging it might have a fault with its battery or charging circuit, we’ll be able to fix it for you, but there are some checks you can perform first.

  1. Inspect the dock connector on the bottom of the iPod, is it free from dust? Lint and other undesirables often get trapped in the 30 pin connector. Make sure the connector is not broken or has any other obvious signs of damage to the pins etc.
  2. Are you sure the cable you’re testing with is working, do you have another cable or device you can test it with?
  3. If you’re trying to charge the iPod Classic with a wall charger, plug it into a USB port on your computer and see if anything is displayed on the screen, sometimes the iPod will just display a very pale charging screen without switching on fully.
  4. Has the iPod been charged successfully with this charger before? The iPod Classic was released before USB charging was standardised, consequently, many modern USB chargers don’t work correctly with it, even some present Apple iPhone/iPad chargers don’t charge the iPod Classic.

If you’ve tried the above and it still won’t charge you can send it to us for diagnosis, we’ll be able to fix it for you and will provide a repair quote free of charge.

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