iPod Classic Water Damage

Got your iPod wet by accident? Liquid damage is one of the most common problems we encounter. If your iPod has been caught in the rain, dropped in something or had a liquid spilled over it the results can be catastrophic and time is your enemy! If you’re wondering what to do when your iPod Classic has got wet, even if it still seems to be working, we are here to help you.

  • Switch the iPod off as soon as possible, engage the hold switch so the iPod cannot be switched on accidentally.
  • Do not plug the iPod into a computer or charger as any liquid inside may cause short circuits and damage the components inside.
  • Get the iPod to us as soon as possible, we will disassemble the device and completely clean all of the components inside preventing any damage before reassembling it for you.

The longer it takes us to see the device, the more likely corrosion and circuit damage will occur. Whilst it’s often tempting to put an iPod on a radiator or in a bag of Rice to dry out, these fixes can often do more harm than good, leaving traces of moisture and residue on sensitive internal components that over time will corrode and shorten the iPod’s lifespan, resulting in a more costly repair down the line.

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