Logic Board



The logic board in the iPod Video came in two different revisions, both of which had either 32MB or 64MB of RAM. The 32MB versions can only handle a library of roughly 20,000 files so if you intend to use a large storage device you should opt for one of the 64MB versions.


The 820-1763-A motherboard was used in the original iPod Video (30GB/60GB).

32MB used in 30GB
64MB used in 60GB


The 820-1975-A versions of the board were used in the later Video “5.5”, the enhanced version of the device that had a search function and replaced the 60GB models with 80GB.

32MB used in 30GB 5.5
64MB used in 80GB 5.5

Common faults

Faulty logic board can cause a wide range of problems, some of the most common issues that a replacement board will likely fix are shown below.

  • iPod dead; no power, unresponsive when plugged in etc.
  • Not charging up (Also test battery).
  • White screen (Also test LCD).
  • One or more buttons not working (Also test clickwheel).


Replacing the logic board in an iPod Video requires full disassembly of the device and you risk damaging parts if you’re not careful. If your board is faulty, damaged or broken our repair service can fix your iPod with by with the installation of a new replacement board, contact us for more information.