Custom iPod Housings

Want to make your iPod more unique? We offer a range of custom modifications for iPod housings to make them stand out a bit more. You can either order your parts through us and install them yourself, or send us your device and we will mod it for you! Our installation service is a cost effetive way to get your iPod professionally upgraded.

iPod Classic (6th/7th generation)

We offer more custom housing modifications for the iPod Classic than any other device:

  • Gold plated front / back housings – Gold plated for that luxury touch.
  • Custom colour front housings – Available in Red, Blue, Purple & Green. Matching select buttons available in too.
  • Custom Black back housings – made from metal and comes with all standard engravings (capacity, Apple logo, serial numbers etc.)  but with a high quality gloss Black finish.
  • Custom colour back housings – Available in multiple colours!
  • Custom colour Click Wheels – In Red, Blue, Purple & Yellow
  • Custom capacity engraving – modified your iPods storage size? We have produced backs with 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 240GB, 256GB, 512GB even 1TB! Thick and Thin versions available here.
  • No capacity back covers – All standard engraving, just no size.
  • Serial number laser engraving – need to change your iPods housing? We can have your actual serial number engraved where it would be on the rear so it still matches!
  • Blank backs – no writing whatsoever, just full mirror finish.

iPod Video (5th generation)

Similarly to the Classic, we offer a selection of custom housings for the iPod Video:

  • Gold plated rear housings – Gold plated for that luxury touch.
  • Custom size engraving – changed your iPods hard drive or upgraded to an SSD? We can produce backs for any GB capacity to fit the iPod Video. Thick and Thin backs available.
  • Custom serial number engraving – replaced your iPods housing? We can have any serial number engraved on the rear so it still matches!
  • Blank backs – no writing/logos whatsoever, just a full mirror finish.

iPod Touch (4th generation)

Whilst not as customisation options exist for the 4th gen touch, we can offer the following:

  • Gold plated back housings – high quality Gold plating service.
  • Custom Black backs – complete with all logos and engraving, but with a  darkened Black finish.
  • Coloured front digitizers – Ditch the standard Black / White for a range of bright colours.


If you have your own ideas, your questions aren’t answered or you just want more information then contact us for examples or to discuss your options.