Standard Battery


Rechargeable battery lifespans decrease over time, replace the battery in your iPod with one of our brand new batteries to extend the amount of time your iPod can run for. There are two different types of battery available for the Video/Classic iPods depending on the size of your iPod; thick and thin.

  • Thin batteries (650mAh) are the most common, used in the iPods with single platter hard drives; iPod Video (5th gen) 30GB, iPod Classic 80GB, 120GB and 160GB (7th gen).
  • Thick batteries (850mAh) were installed in the large capacity iPods with dual platter hard drives; iPod Video 60GB, 80GB and Classic 160GB (6th gen). Thick batteries offer slightly longer play time than thin batteries, you cannot replace a thin battery with a thick version unless the rear housing has also been replaced with a thick version.

Please note, we are unable to ship batteries to destinations outside of the UK.

iPod Battery installation service

Replacing or upgrading your battery is not a difficult task, however, you must be careful not to damage your logic boards battery connector as this is a delicate part that can be easily broken. Our iPod repair service can take care of the installation and configuration of a replacement battery safely and without any risk of damage for just £15, contact us or read here for more information.