Battery Connector Repair

The battery connector inside the iPod Classic (A1238) and iPod Video (A1136) is one of the most delicate, easy to damage components. Located in the bottom corner of the logic board, the battery connector is made of two pieces of plastic, a white body, mounted to the logic board with 5 solder points and a Brown/Black clamp part that must be lifted to remove the battery. we often see this connector damaged when people are opening the device or trying to disconnect the battery, especially if they haven’t opened the device before.

If too much force is applied, the connector will partially lift or completely come away from the iPod’s motherboard. Sometimes, the plastic body will separate and leave the pins behind or the clamp may snap leaving nothing to hold the battery cable in place.

3 iPod boards with damaged battery connectors
Here are three damaged connectors. Notice the missing pad from the board on the right.

We can replace this connector for you with one of our genuine original parts. The repair is much more likely to succeed if all 5 of the solder pads are still in place. The solder pads are small Silver rectangles arranged in two rows of the logic board (3 on the top row, 2 on the bottom). If any of these pads are missing they will have lifted with the connector, this does make the repair more difficult but not impossible.

If you are competent soldering a new connector in place, you can buy the part here.

If you want us to take a look at the device and perform the repair for you, get in contact.